Hi there, my name's Amy and I currently live in central Pennsylvania as a freelance digital artist and web developer, but in my spare time I really enjoy creating digital art. I started around a decade ago teaching myself to use photoshop and was really inspired by spacescapes I'd see on deviant art. There was often a lot of frustration feeling like I wasn't getting better, but one of the coolest things I like to do is looking back and seeing just how far I've come since then.

I started out only doing spacescapes and eventually I wanted to paint environments, but quickly came to realize I had no idea how to do anything else. So I struggled and tried again and again until things started to piece together. Thanks to artists like Dylan Cole, Andree Wallin, Dan Luvisi, and Hudson River School type paintings I was inspired to keep going.

Over time I've kind of come up with a motto that goes something like 'To inspire others as I have been inspired...and make some cool stuff in the process'.